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My wife, Yayoi, and I moved to CO in 1997 with Freida (our “baby” at the time, a dog…) to start a small business – an inbound receptive tour company for Japanese. Together we ran that until 2002. Once we added a 2nd dog, 2 children and a mortgage it was time for the security that being an employee brought. My wife now has more than 10 years at the Consulate General of Japan, Denver. I spent 5 years designing, selling and occasionally installing solar electric systems for Bella Energy. It was during that time that I had my first of many experiences with Basket Kase, and the former owners, Mary Schubert and Kathy Donnel.

In 2011, a massive change in the local utility’s incentive structure forced a change in my solar career and I spent the next 3 years as the Regional Manager for Solectria Renewables – a solar inverter Mfg. out of the Boston area. I enjoyed being an entrepreneur and had been looking for the right opportunity. So with business travel wearing on me, I called Mary in the spring of 2014 to ask if she would notify me if she ever thought of selling. She was thinking of it at that time and after weeks & weeks of due diligence, the blessing of Yayoi and an agreement from my mother, Missy, to help in Operations (see below), the rest is history!

“I bring many years of business experience and a passion for food products to Basket Kase.”

I worked in manufacturing for over a decade before deciding to follow my passion, preparing and serving food to the public. After a succession of food businesses (gourmet deli, bakery, cafe and restaurant) I retired and moved to Colorado to be closer to my son John and my daughter in-law, Yayoi, to help out with my two young grandsons, Shouta and Kouta. When John decided to make a life transition and buy a small business, I offered to help him turn his dream into reality. He graciously accepted my offer and I LIVE ANEW !! Thanks John!

Michele Storm –


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