Kids Basket

$ 50.00

Kid-designed & kid-approved: Great for kids of either gender from about 7yrs. to pre-teen or older. Super, easy gift for birthdays, holidays, rewards or incentives.


Kids Basket

Packaged in a brightly colored reusable plastic bin great for storing crayons, keepsakes, markers, LEGOS etc… Includes: Compass/Bear-Whistle with climate-proof secret compartment for your adventurer to store treasure, tools, survival gadgets (all on a rope/necklace)
Magic Ring Trick to “trick” their friends
Colorado playing cards
ZIPIT Grillz mini pouch (A flat strap of zipper transformed into a pouch – a cool new thing (Google it if you don’t know what the heck we’re talking about, I didn’t at first!)- Gift-Designer, Kouta adds, “it has a ‘hook-a-ma-jigger’,” for easy attachment to their backpack
A Leather Pouch Kit: Includes instructions, lacing & a dulled needle to make their own pouch on a key-chain
A Hand Buzzer for a great prank (remember these?)
and last but not least some nostalgic treats like Atomic Fire Balls and Old-time Bubble Gum.

All expertly and tactfully assembled with presentation in mind. Shrink wrapped, handmade bows, hand written note cards and carefully packaged for shipping to any US location!

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 12 in


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