Some Like it Hotter

Large jar of 5280 Salsa
Large jar of Karami Japanese Salsa – invented in CO by Japanese farming immigrants in the 1890s – using green chilis as a base
Powder Keg Hot BBQ Sauce
A sack of peanuts from Colorado Nut Company (spicy if available)
Horsetooth Rubin’s Red Hot Sauce
Olomolo Cinnamon-Cayenne Nuts
The Better Chip corn chips
Tobasco chocolates
A red soft-sided 6-pack cooler
and a roll of tums all assembled inside of a sizable kraft box.

All expertly and tactfully assembled with presentation in mind. Shrink wrapped, handmade bows, hand written note cards and carefully packaged for shipping to any US location!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 16 × 14 in


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